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Spray-on Bed Liner Material

Breakthrough Technology in Bed Liner Coating Material

Our committment to you is SAFER bed liner coating material at a low cost! We understand your business, and we understand your challenges. Creative Material Technologies, ltd has developed a product line of aftermarket coatings that are safer for you and for the environment.

CMT’s multiple breakthroughs now make it possible to install a short and long bed polyurethane hybrid liner without sacrificing “the farm,” profitability, quality, safety or health. A lower per unit cost is achieved with a breakthrough in the chemistry which allows “stop 'n go” capabilities with the same static mixer!

CMT has also developed a way to minimize overspray, saving spray time and labor, clean up time and labor, and saving money on wasted product which needlessly reduces the profitability of every truck bed liner coating job.

  • NO Minimums to Buy
  • NO "BUY-IN" Required
  • Less wasted product: minmal overspray & stop 'n go
  • Cartridge System with excellent dwell time stability
  • Excellent performance with thinner coat thicknesses
  • 100% solids
  • No solvents/ Zero VOC's
  • Use with your exisitng equipment
  • Very Low MDI Free Monomer Content
  • Excellent Load Stability
Truck Bed Liner Material Available in Cartridges or Bed Liner Bulk Material
Truck Bed Liner Material Bulk* Truck Bed Liner Cartridge
 10 gallon total
one 5 gallon of A & one 5 gallon B 
Compatible with most systems 
Starter Kit includes low pressure spray
cartridge system and material.
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