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Paint Protection Coating at only $99.77 is a Low Investment with HIGH Profit.

CrystalEdgeTMYou may already be familiar with protective paint film or clear bra protection film, and know it is the hot service in the aftermarket automotive service industry. But what you don’t know is the cost to get into the game is high, and the installation requires painstaking precision!

CrystalEdgeTM Paint Protection Coating blows away the traditional protective paint market with LOW START UP COSTS, no expensive equipment, low cost materials and minimal training. To get into the traditional protective film market you need thousands of dollars for material and equipment, and days of training.

CrystalEdgeTM Paint Protection Coating is a game changer. For under $100 you can get into the car paint protection business.

CrystalEdgeTM Paint Protection Coating provides excellent paint protection on hoods, fenders, and other high impact zones. Don’t just think cars - think about Trucks, RV’s, motorcyles and more!

CrystalEdgeTM Paint Protection Coating Compared to Paint Protection FilmGreen Coatings

Protective Film

  • Rolls of film with adhesive coating
  • Film does not conform to complex surfaces
  • Requires computer & plotter to cut patterns
  • Mutliple day training for patterns and application
  • Requires inventory of roll film or custom patterns

CrystalEdgeTM Paint Protection Coatingbuynow

  • Clear coating is applied with a roller
  • Apply to any surface
  • No expensive equipment
  • Uses autobody and detailling skils
  • Small inventory - liquid coating protects all surfaces
Where to use CrystalEdgeTM The Next Generation of Paint Protection
Autos Trucks RV's
Frontend Leading Edge
Frontend Leading Edge
Frontend Leading Edge
Door handles Door handles Door handles
Doorway thresholds Doorway thresholds Doorway thresholds
Door handle inserts Door handle inserts Door handle inserts
Door edges Door edges
Door edges
Doors around key locks Doors around key locks Doors around key locks
Rocker panel Rocker panel Rocker panel
Metal mirror backs Metal mirror backs Metal mirror backs
Fenders Fenders Metal bumpers
Fender flares Fender flares Towing equipment
Hood scoops Hood scoops Tow bar
Trunks around key locks Tailgate around key lock Tow hauler ramps
Trunk ledges Tailgate edges
Stair treads
Roll bars
Roll bars
Front facing of fuel tank
Metal Bumpers Tow Bars Semi Tractors
Frame (i.e. sand rails) Step rails
Metal bumpers
Towing equipment Door edges
Front impact area
Wheel wells
Fender flares
Fenders Steel wells
Metal mirror backs
Front glides
Semi Trailers Rocker panel
Boat Trailers Rear cargo doors Front end/leading edge
Seal rear lights Lift gates Doorway thresholds
Front tongue area Side handles Door handle inserts
Fenders Coat logos  
Front nose  
Boat Trailers

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