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Liner Solution™ Trailer or RV Floor Coating
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  • Grey with accent color

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About Us

What We Believe

Liner Solution™ Refurb Kit is another high-performance product from Creative Material Technologies, Ltd. Creative Material Technologies, Ltd. was founded and operates with the belief that a business can only succeed if it truly serves its customers' needs.

Our belief drives our commitment to customer service, research and development, and product development.

Our commitment leads us to offer high-performing products that solve real world problems.

Our specialty is coatings, sealants, and adhesives that are solutions to tough problems.

Our focus is our customers. We grow be creating satisfied, repeat customers who will tell others about us.

What We Do

We Solve Problems...from elastomeric sealants that can be applied as low as -20° F to 100% solids hybrid polyurea and pure polyurea coatings; from developing a hot tub coating system to survive full water immersion service at elevated temperatures with chlorine exposure to designing and building a new portable and low cost Low Pressure Cold / Warm Spray Voyager Spray System™; we have demonstrated our continuing drive to solve real world problems for our customers.

However, all problems are not tangible …some are economic or business model related. Therefore, another way we solve our customer’s problems is to create a market opportunity where foreign competition, excessive regulation, or technological development threatens that customer’s business. Our solution set provides these customers an avenue to grow their business or change their economic position by creating new markets where no such avenue previously existed. This has given us a depth and breadth of not just knowledge, but understanding to apply to other application markets.

Additionally, with decades of coating formulation and raw materials experience supporting the work of Creative Material Technologies, Ltd., we are able to assist our customers in tackling real world problems with high-performance product solutions. These solutions may be for the homeowner or the contractor and may be in the residential, industrial, commercial, or consumer markets. The applications are virtually endless…

Automotive Coatings, Truck Bed Liner Materials, Headlight Restoration & Trailer and RV Floor coatings

We solve problems! Let us solve some problems for you!